How Much Does Paintball Cost?

The more we are getting closer to modernization, expensive the entertainment becomes. According to most of the players, the reason for the drowning trend of paintball is its expenses. Not every middle-class person can afford to buy paintball gear ranging from 100$ to 200$ per gear. But what about rental equipment?

How much does paintball cost if we opt for rental gear? If you only want a rental gun and go to the field, it will cost you 50$ a day (excluding paints). You are talking about 250$ if you want a beginner gun package that includes a thermal mask, gas tank, and gun for a whole day. Moreover, you will need to pay extra for more paintball cases.

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Paintball Price Breakdown

how much do paintball cost
How much does paintball cost?

How Much Do Paintballs Cost?

The average paintballs range from $20 – $30 per 500-round bag and $45-75 per 2000-round box. Whereas the expensive ones are likely $70 to $85 per 2000-round case (usually used in tournaments). You should know that paintball’s quality matters. A shell with round symmetry, quality material, and bright (thick) filling allows a bullet to hover straight/accurately, is brittle (hurts less), and is difficult to wipe off respectively.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Paintball Gun?

You can rent a paintball gun for $50 (might charge for extra air) for a whole day. Undeniably paintball is expensive. One case of paintballs isn’t enough for all day long. It costs you two cases which are around 120$ alone for paints. 

 In fact, it is hard to convince your friend to go paintballing in this circumstance, even if they own a paintball kit. 

How Much Does a Day of Paintball Cost?

Roughly about $250 a day if you rent all the gear but, it will cost you $130 to $150 (including paints and air) for a day if you own all the equipment. If your field allows outside paints bring them on it will save you around $20. Indeed paintball is expensive yet it is fun!


I would suggest you to buy each paintball gear one by one through deals. Because it will cost you much less compared to the rental equipment. Keep track of special deals! Furthermore, the prices I mentioned vary throughout the locations. Lucky ones might get old-school prices at their nearby fields. It might be expensive for many but, if you go to the cinema or any other entertainment-oriented place, along with food it would cost you the same.

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