Best Paintball Mask of 2024 – Top Comfortable Goggles

Fond of stylish masks with great comfortability? Along super fun you must need to take care about your safety. While buying a new mask you should keep in mind these key factors that probably will enhance the game experience, which includes: Mask vision, hearing in mask, breathability and fog factor.

Certainly, the CMD BunkerKing is the best paintball mask available in the market. It poses every prime feature that a paintball mask should equipped with. Splatter, a hit! Your head could be the target of that hit. What are the features of mask that you should consider while buying a new mask? It includes: sturdiness, strong bottoms, thermal lenses and better intact straps.

Quick Review

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8 Best Paintball Masks:

1. CMD BunkerKing: Most Comfortable Paintball Mask

best paintball mask



  • Thermal Lenses
  • Great Breathability
  • Highly Comfortable
  • Wearing glasses is easier
  • Replaceable Foam
  • Wide Visibility
  • Light Weight

I have stated CMD Bunkerking as overall best due to:

Comfortability and Lens variety:

CMD is equipped with virtue vio lens system that means you can use more than 47 lenses, in term of comfort. When round get finish you would be last to remove this mask. Cmd is super snug and lightweight; doesn’t suffer your skull for long games.

Prescription glasses (wide frame) hardly touched lens; there is enough room that your glasses easily get settled, you may get fog on your prescription glasses. Moreover, CMD is eligible for airsoft players.

Best ventilation system makes your game easy

Players coming from arena of Proflex and E flex have witnessed the best airflow masks but when they test breathing of CMD they say that breathability of bunker kings CMD managed to come near to their previous masks (breathing in Cmd is super easy), face plate (vents/slits) is design in a way that provides superior air flow and make for you easy to breathe.

Durability and see clearer

The intense air flow gives better ventilation which forces moisture and warm air out due vents around the mouth and reduces the fog effect from your breathing, mask is anti-fog and doesn’t fog up even in intense rounds. Also, it provides wide view of field and swapping lenses is unchallenging as compare to other masks.

Form inside is of dual density and snug. Modular foam (interchangeable) makes your mask last longer and worth your money as it isn’t very cheap and form is easy to wash as well. Bunker king makes it equipped with Micro-visor which provides extra layer defense to your goggle and yes it reduces some glare.

Communicate better and Cozy strap

Vents and slits provide excellent acoustic which help you to communicate better and breath properly (hearing is distortion free and voice muffled less), super micro fiber foam layer and wider space provides comfortability even for large heads, also minimize pressure on face. Ultra-wide straps add up flexibility, eliminate use of double strap and allow more secure fit and reduce head pressure.

What downside to CMD I manage to find out?
  • Face piece is soft rubber, you may feel mask hits at low magnitude.
  • It does cut into the ear a little, nothing to stop water from getting in, in a heavy rainstorm.
  • Not recommended for Airsoft.

Yes, it does.

This will depend on the size of helmet.

It has to hit perfectly at mouth area and only a little will go through.

2. Dye i5: Best Anti Fog Paintball Mask

best paintball mask


DYE i5

  • Splendid Pro straps
  • Soft and easily replaceable foam
  • Anti-fog mask
  • Give visible and wide FOV
  • Solid choice for airsoft
  • Very comfortable
  • Cozy for glasses

Dye paintball mask are usually best in business. In spite being expensive dye i5 is the most sold mask, the cause defines by itself, that its top-end quality and looks. The only reason I place dye i5 at 2nd position due to its price.

Mask is of lightweight; Comfortability is excellent with addition to new strap system is super easy to adjust doesn’t require readjustment which gives sustainability during match. The new strap system is known as GSR strap pro which bestow ultimate comfort and performance

Foam washing and replacing is effortless neither get fogged up due to anti-fog lens and gives epic visibility and great optical view with both vertical and horizontal vision.

Solid mask for airsoft (use tactical helmet or baseball hat while using for airsoft). Large head player doesn’t need to be worry as it has large space, easily allow massive heads to equipped with and also it is bigger than its previous version Dye i4. Eligible to players having glasses.

It has multi-dimensional vents and full ear protection; despite ear protection you will hear everything of surroundings because of well sound catch design which allow better auditory clarity and multi direction venting doesn’t provide most clear communication but it is fine. Also, breathing is just fine mouth area doesn’t scatter all heat from breath.

It is called as most technology most advanced goggle because two new modern features Head-up POV mount and e. VOKE combability (you need buy it separately) . Head-up mount integration allows you to catch up every second of your game with proper alignment.

e. Voke system make you alert by giving wireless signal, you can get information about live game (eliminations, balls left and time left). Also, you can play airsoft with this mask, you will get no problem.

What downsides to Dye i5 I manage to find out?

  • Lens removal system is major pain not simple as it has been advertised.
  • Never fogged up but with glasses it did (for some player).
  • No visor give you glare on sunny day.
  • Breathing and communication is just fine (not bad).

e. VOKE kit works with M2(MOS AIR installed).

Many uses scarf or shemagh scarf to protect their neck and also uses tactical helmet to protect their head.

There are few but they feel same when worn.

Yes, you will get no problem.


3. Vio Contour II: Best Paintball Mask for Breathing

best paintball mask


VIO Contour II

  • Very comfy
  • Great breathability
  • Eligible for airsoft
  • Good acoustics
  • Fog proof
  • Provides fine FOV
  • fine with glasses

Particularly best Virtue paintball mask. High tone design makes it attracting. Does the exposed mouth area cause concern? NOT at all! it gets splatter but it is super easy to clean and hardly get fog up due to more vents. Contour II managed to get 3rd spot mainly due to its amazing features and cool design.

Hearing and voice transmission is one of the important factors during a paintball match, contour II gives better projection of your voice (due to no echo ears pad) and great for hearing because of new performance ear pads.

Contour II feels like wearing a great pair of sunglasses (this is super light). Moreover, Pro pads protect back of your head and adds more better grip, secure fit and protection. Direct mouth vents allow you to breathe effortlessly. Mainly paintball matches are intense and to make hardcore matches fought with comfy you need better breathability and lightweight mask.

Lens is one of most important part of mask, this mask provides excellent viewing room,” can see everything”. Also, mask is fog resistance which works super fine and bestow strong protection from UV light (during open field matches you need UV protection).

Fine for glasses player, mask lens doesn’t fog up but glasses get little fog touch up. Airsoft can be played with this mask they are battle tested.

Foam cutout doesn’t fit against nose, the most common complaint for the virtue mask, I think they made the bridge of the foam a bit high.

What downsides to contour II I manage to find out?

  • Changing lens is not simple.
  • Not recommended for massive heads with prescription glasses.

Lower part is of hard rubber.

4. Dye i4: Best Paintball mask for Small Heads

best paintball mask


DYE i4

  • Good ventilation
  • Anti-glare
  • Fog proof
  • Fits great to normal heads
  • Easy to clean
  • Eligible for woodsball and airsoft
  • Painless lens interchangeability
  • Gives great FOV

A premium cool looking mask with top end quality product by Dye, but every mask has cons and pros, let me shed light on one of best paintball mask for woodsball.

Comfortability, foam is soft and dries up sweat faster and they even have removable chin strap. Thanks to dye dual stage foam technology, never felt discomfort.

Don’t buy in white as it may give a big glare during sunny day.

I4 is relatively easy to clean and also lightweight mask to its other competitors with many lenses option and fit tight to face still little smaller than i5, if you have a massive head refrain from buying it.

Airsoft players can use this mask. It is battle tested (not for competitive battles!)

I have learned from the players who played 5 to 10 hours, huffing and puffing! still their vision didn’t fog-up for once, I am still amaze by the dye anti-fog system approach. Stay defogged even in high humidity.

Communication is much easier, nicely positioned vents (In a bright sun you might get shadow from vents) and most importantly got many shots still never felt or tasted paint, provides very wide vision indeed a bit pricey mask but it worth every penny.

What downsides to Dye i4 I manage to find out?

  • Doesn’t cover forehead and may allow sunburn.
  • Neck not protected.
  • Small mask (not suitable for large heads and player with prescription glasses).
  • Not scratch resistant.

Yes, they are good for airsoft and it protects mouth area (don’t worry about front vents).

5. Empire E-Flex: Best Paintball Mask Under 100

best paintball mask



  • Wide and visible FOV
  • Anti-fog
  • Comfortable
  • Not great for airsoft
  • Eligible for glasses wearers
  • Great acoustics

Folks, who want to buy best paintball mask under $100 then this is for you!

Mainly a good paintball mask has 4 to 5 characteristics: better protection, good acoustics, fine FOV and tendency to provide good breathability.

E-flex is a solid mask with wide FOV which is awesome, doesn’t fog up and enough roomy to fit for peripheral, yeah these are tested with prescription glasses and it fits good but peripheral did fog up.

Comfortability is phenomenal in this price range, breathability is excellent, sprinters should consider this mask to avoid their huffing majorly because of, they didn’t get much air through mask vents.

It also provides comfort from outside, lens changing is easy, disassembly and cleaning up is unchallenging too. It protects face very fine; it has no wide-open vents. (Never remove protected films while playing.

Now acoustics, zero sound interference and echo problem in mask, you can yell all the day without deafening your doesn’t has a double strap (like SLY Profit which is great) but its single strap works fine.

Mainly beginners are confused between Proflex and E-Flex, I would suggest them to go with E-Flex as both are good mask Pro-flex is more inexpensive but E-flex bestow more easiness in lens changing disassembly, washing up and it has more anti-fog refuge. Pro-flex is still good if you can’t afford $100.

What downsides to E-Flex I manage to find out?

  • Mask is little heavy.
  • Foam in the mask can little pinch you nose.
  • Not recommending to players having very small skull/head.

No, it isn’t.

Yes, soft foam is situated.

Positive, both mask lenses are quite same.

6. JT Proflex: Best Cheap Paintball Mask

best paintball mask



  • Fog proof
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortability is good
  • Eligible for woodball
  • Delivers great breathability
  • Equipped with visor.
  • Foam dry’s quickly 

One of the most comfortable paintball mask in the market.

Breathing is very easy, doesn’t make you turn out of breath easily, acoustic is fine, sound doesn’t resonate, incredibly light you may see many ballers wearing this mask if you walk on field.

Lens changing take little bit time, for this you can buy two spare frames (mask price could allow you) and keep switching around.

Form is far comfortable and form is of high quality soaked up sweat and dried it quickly in this price range and it is highly customizable relatively to other high-end masks. Visor is amazing, bounced splatters from breaking.

Thermal lenses allow to eliminate fog (an average anti-fog mask). after buying if you had bad experience with fogging, you can get fogging spray from JT.

The real issue its doesn’t come with soft ear piece that has been advertised but more like a soft flexy rubber which raise concern of protection and also ear protector doesn’t protect the entire ear. You need to spend some penny to get ear pieces hard.

Fat face/massive heads and folks with prescription glasses are good to go with this. Moreover, use spectra lens instead of event lens it gave way better peripheral view.

A good mask for beginners, if you are a beginner and willing to buy, don’t sit back just make a move and your all hesitations will go away after buying JT Proflex. I am highly recommending to those having less budget but want a better level mask!

What downsides to Proflex I manage to find out?

  • Ear padding isn’t of soft piece.
  • Not recommended for airsoft.
  • Chin is not protected fully (doesn’t hurt much if gets a splatter from near, from farthest you won’t feel).
  • Changing lens is not simple.

No, it doesn’t.

7. Push Unite: Best Paintball Mask for Big Heads

best paintball mask



  • Fine comfortability
  • Splendid magnetic chin’s strap
  • Okay for glasses
  • Deliver good FOV
  • Fine breathability

These goggles are amazing! I have knowledge about dye i5 it sucks when you wear with glasses, your glasses may scratch from inside while Push Unite fits fine and has prominent coverage. Furthermore, it has nose adjustable bridge which helps you to fit perfectly to your face including glasses.

This mask is solid with old school look (cool pattern). The hard case is amazing (comes with mask) which keep mask well secured in bag. It doesn’t come with visor which might be a gripe for some.

Push unite is equipped with magnetic chine strap, which work in a way that you just need to get near to the latch on and it is effortless to unlatch with your fingers.

It has little padding on the ear portion which make little uncomfortable if you had to wear for long amount of time. Fogging has no chance to appear inside as the mask is anti-fog, in addition to this there is no problem of glare and the mask gives great field view but don’t use this mask in rain, if water gets between dual lens and get heat up it will warp your lens, now a question appears, what about sweat? Not a problem, the foam in the mask keeps away sweat.

What downside to Push Unite I manage to find out?

  • Don’t use in heavy rain, water can enter inside mask and can warp lens.
  • Ear portion’s padding is little source of discomfort for extended duration.
  • Lens aren’t scratch resistance (still doesn’t fogged up with scratches).

8. Empire EVS: Best Paintball Mask for Glasses

best paintball mask



  • Best for glasses
  • Bestow well and wide FOV.
  • Easy lens interchangeability.

One of best paintball mask for glasses players.

I can’t say that this mask is super comfortable for glasses player as there is a bit issue but, glasses with plastic frames have bit thicker arms as compared to glasses having metal frames, the plastic connection from the strap touches ears. With some adjustment, making sure the arms on glasses aren’t behind ears then they work great but still it’s a pain to adjust!

I will recommend players having massive head with prescription glasses to trying them before making them permanent member of your paintball kit.

Moreover, it provides best wide view, a durable mask and well secured mask for paintball play, minimal fogging issue but can be eliminated with fog spray. Also, visor doesn’t come along with the mask.

Hearing and communication are just fine but there is voice echo problem which is bit irritating due to ear guard remove it and theirs is no echo or voice-over you will find.   

Lens interchangeability is also unchallenging, come with nice travel bag and also equipped with chin strap. You can play airsoft with Empire EVS but you will need an extra protection for your head and neck.

Breathability is good, cleaning and disassembly is easy. Good for player having massive wide head, players with long head refrain from buying it.

What downsides to Empire EVS I manage to find out?

  • Breathability is not fine.
  • Voice echo problem (solution: unplug ear guard).
  • Bit pricy as long as performance concern.
  • Minimal fogging.
  • Long head refrain from it. (Best for wide massive heads).

Empire do have visors but they came separately for EVS. EVS fits up fairly high but it does expose little portion of forehead.

Buying Guide for Paintball Mask:

People have different budgets and they try to find best mask in their price range, some components or features of mask are just extra by the companies to make them look cooler and attractive.

This section is for awareness about what are the features or components of mask you must consider before buying a suitable mask for yourself.

Features You Must Need to Care About:


Protection is the first term; you must ensure before choosing a mask even if you have a low budget. Mostly newbies got attract to stylish and cool looking masks, you should refrain from doing this mistake instead check for the material of mask and coverage it providing from outside (whether covering whole face).


After assuring toughness of mask focus on comfortability, that means ensure whether the foam inside is cozy, have enough room? And whether the vents are positioned well? Or either they are easy to breathe in/out.

Because while sprinting and gasping well situated vents helps you to breathe effortlessly.


Lens is one of the important components of mask, if your mask is equipped with anti-fog mechanism and doesn’t fog up you already got the best paintball mask, now you are sprinting or huffing puffing you don’t to need to worry about fog issue interrupting your vision.

Also, getting your target clearly and have wide FOV (field of view), a best paintball mask lens should possess these elements.


Straps are source of comfort; it not only provides you better fit in but also bestow adjustment for instance if you have a smaller head, it allows you to grip you head properly. Sly profit is a mask which comes with double strap for vertical and horizontal adjustment of paintball mask.

There is Push unite, paintball mask which has an excellent magnetic chin strap; contribute ease during unlatching and latching the straps.

In spite of taking care of these factors, if you are going to buy a product online you must keep a sight at customer reviews portion for your own satisfaction.

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