Indoor Paintball Vs Outdoor Paintball

Indoor or outdoor paintballing? The answer varies with different people, but statically there are always higher polls for one side. For me, logically and normally outdoor fields are best or better if you want to experience aggressive paintballing. Both indoor paintball and outdoor paintball has their drawbacks and advantages. I will shed light on both perspective; Logical and popular respectively. 

Indoor Vs Outdoor Paintball: Logical Perspective

Paintball has different attributes which are important and adds up joy during game, which are as follows.

Larger Vs Smaller Fields:

Larger field are mostly suggested as comparable to smaller fields; larger fields give more room to players and give glimpse of professional sports. Larger fields are more open strategically (you can apply different strategies). You’re huffing and puffing in open sky; give you sense of calmness. 

While smaller fields are limited to size of building, those you had experiences at outdoor fields hardly get satisfaction of paintballing. Now you can easily judge which is (indoor paintball vs Outdoor paintball) best. 

Which Has More Cleansing Field?

You would be shocked to know that outdoor fields are cleaner than the indoor fields; this is because paintball (paints) is all around the field and they are water soluble and less likely to stay longer at field. Due to sun or run they evaporated quickly. 

On the other hand, indoor fields don’t get (sun or rain) so cleaning is hard, but there is a fun fact, if you ask turf owners you will get to know that if paintball flay over field for longer time slickness over surface is formed that give you a skating rink feel. But it is not much useful because good arena’s most likely washed that out.  

Weather Problems: 

Weather is the only issue that provide advantage to indoor paintball over outdoor. Rains or very hot day may interrupt your play even many of premium paintballing indoor fields are equipped with Air conditioners during high temperature summers. 

Popular Perspective: Final Verdict

Professional paintballers are used to outdoor fields even a new player loves outdoor fields. Indoor fields are likely to be for under age paintballers and good alternative for weather emergency. The above detail is enough to compile out which field is better for paintballing (indoor paintball vs Outdoor paintball). 

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