Paintball Tactics – Guide to Learn Paintball

It is always a bit of a worry when you are about to come to the field. Also, Paintball is an extreme sport, indeed experience help you in tackling pressure and getting game sense. But, paintball also requires proper strategies, tactics and teamwork to dominate rounds.

Beginners are a bit tenser than a regular players about what to do, where to go and what really is going on. So, a good paintball player must be aware of these useful paintball tactics and advanced paintball tips which are itself basics of the game but newbies forget to follow during close encounters!

Paintball Tactics

Use Covers

Don’t roam around in open

advanced paintball tips

Work in Pairs

Work in pairs to get better backup and cover

Paintball Tactics

Aware of Rules

Make yourself known to all rules

advanced paintball tips


Keep communicating

Paintball Tactics

Rapid Peeks

Peek (left and right) rapidly and fire.

advanced paintball tips

Use Different Angles

Use different angles to shoot enemy at back.

advanced paintball tips

Don’t Be Entrapped

Don’t entrap yourself at middle of field

advanced paintball tips

Look over Position

Keep checking your position

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Paintball Tips for Beginners – How to Play Paintball

Paintball Tactics – Make a Move:

Instead of getting confused and feeling helpless while watching carnage around your surrounding, start making moves towards your objective, whether how difficult it seems, move towards your objective as far as you can.

When you move towards your objective, it (paintball advice) will open up more angles, lots of strategies and options to play well. Also, during getting to the bunker, try to perceive the information of enemies as much as you can. Now, obviously, it will make it easier for you to shoot someone across or at the back. At the end of the day, you will get to know that winning is more exciting than losing.

Keep aware of the Surroundings:

After reaching your point, be really aware of your opponents that from will paints coming this will only happen when keeping a better eye all time.

The more active we are and the more we stay out of our bunker, the more we can see, but it’s obvious the more we stay out, the more risk we are posing too. Hence, we need to risk ourselves as minimal as much we have to, but whilst we need to take much information as we can.

Stay Connected to Teammates:

Paintball is a high-intensity game that involves steady focus, a strategic approach and teamwork.

Whilst heat of moments never forgets to keep connected to your teammates. They can provide you with backups and camouflage the opponent’s position, and you can make different strategies.

Advanced paintball mask made clear communication cozy.

These are all (paintball tactics) above, most essential paintball tips for beginner you must consider while going for your first.

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Advanced Paintball Tips

Use Different Angles to Shoot

After getting to the bunker, then analyze where paints are coming from. Now when you have set your target and you are engaged in 1v1 fight, use bunker smartly; peek left and shoot then change your angle; peek from right and shoot and peek upside down to shoot.

These variations will make you safe from splatters and become difficult for opponent to aim. But keep this precaution in mind; don’t keep peek from a side where enemy is present that why I have uttered you to have a good look after coming to bunker.

When to Move/How to Move?

advance paintball tips
An exciting slide to watch.

When you are about to move, look around and see if anyone is worried about me or shooting at me. That is something that will tell you, yeah! I am in a position that no one is worried about. This rule is to make sure you about on one isn’t trying to bait for you to make a move.

Secondly, when you are ready to move, make sure which bunker can really shoot you. The whole reason for moving to another spot is that it’s a lot easier to shoot at the back than try to shoot their heads up.

Finally, the last paintball trick I want to give you in this section never goes straight up in the middle of the field; why? Because when you sit in the middle of the field, you will need to take care of both the left and right sides.

Instead, try one side and keep moving that side; when you are sure that you got back up, you can jump to the middle of the field. Also, use frequent dives and try to move to your nearest spot rather than looking up for far spots.

Paintball Advice – Things You Should Keep a Sight

Never pick pellets from field

Pellet’s shell is made of gelatin and absorbs water easily. Leftover pellets on the ground are likely to get wet, and after getting wet, they become larger and softer.

Wet and muddy fields aren’t suitable for pellet reusability.

This creates a problem for the gun barrel and gun hopper; larger and softer pellets can be jammed into the barrel and hopper.

Note: You can pick up dry pellets which weren’t on the floor for long.

Keep a sight on Air Tank.

Lack of gas can decrease paintball capability, for instance:

It decreases pellet speed; this will make your aim lose and inaccurate.

Do’s and Don’ts:


  1. Do pay attention to the safety brief at the start of the game.
    1. Do respond to your teammate’s calls during the match.
    2. Do listen to the marshals.


  1. Don’t wear off your paintball masks until the match gets completely off.
    1. Don’t push your limits when you get exhausted.
    2. Don’t intentionally shoot someone on their unprotected parts.


The article is indeed a little lengthy, but I have discussed all the detail for beginners and other paintball advanced paintball tips I had gathered. Every initial phase of any sport is a bit confusing and make you under pressure.

But as time goes on things get better and you start to get a grip on it. I recommend you must read beginner and advanced paintball tips. These will enhance your knowledge regarding paintball tactics and help you in your matches.

These paintball tactics are tested, and some of them are my personal strategies.

Paintball tactics

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