What to Wear When Paintballing? 

About 20 to 25 people suffers from minor injuries each year (Nolo), minor injuries include; welts and cuts. Moreover, who knows when those minor injuries become serious pain. I am not scaring you, instead emphasizing that you must be aware of what to wear for paintball? And those who are playing without any adequate safety measures at field, they could injure their eyes, head and ears.

Now, what to wear when paintballing? Following are the item you must consider before getting to the field.

  • Paintball mask – For face and most important of all
  • Long sleeves or jumpers Arm protection
  • Cargo Pants or Knee Pads To protect bottom
  • Slider shorts Guard privates    
  • Baseball cap or bouncer cap – Head protection requires 
  • Boots or cleats  For better surface grip
  • Soft gloves of hard padding or fingerless gloves – Ease at trigger command 
  • Elbow pads – Better arm protection  
what to wear for paintball


For face and most important of all

what to wear for paintball

Slider Shorts

Guard Privates

what to wear for paintball

Elbow Pads

Provide better arm protection and protect you from bruises  

what to wear for paintball

Soft Gloves

Bestow ease in trigger control and provide safety to hand  

what to wear for paintball


Boots or cleats both are good

what to wear for paintball

Bouncer Cap

Provides good head protection

what to wear for paintball

Cargo Pants

Pants or knee pads both are solid for bottom-half protection  

what to wear for paintball


Long sleeves or jumpers both are better for upper half

While head, eye and ears are sensitive part of body you might get a serious injury if you don’t take care of proper safety and precautions

Minimum Recommendation: What to wear when Paintballing?

You can wear a jumper or a hoodie with jeans or cargo paint, yes that’s enough! Looking for low budget avatar, yes! This is for you but I can’t guarantee your 100% protection with this attire. Look mask is compulsory, wearing a pant (cargo pant would be a lot better rather than jeans) and jumper or hoodie will protect your bottom half but there must be a paintball mask for face and bounce cap for head protection because face and head are most sensitive parts to get hit.  

Hard coated gloves would be cherry on cake for this low budget attire. 

Paintball Mask: Best for head and face protection 

Paintball mask is overall most important gear you must consider before going at field. It guards your head, ears and face which are first to get you a harsh injury. Paintball masks are equipped with ear pads that cover your ears and rubber or plastic padded front of mask helps you to guard your face. If you are a newbie don’t be worry about breathing, comfortability and field of view, there are some awesome and cooling looking mask I have reviewed; Check out this link for best paintball mask 

Moreover, if your mask is without a visor (that protect from glare and bestow head protection), you should consider a baseball cap or bounce cap (bounce caps should be light, thin and has ability to absorb the impact) for head defense, mainly visor comes with top-end masks. 

What to wear for upper and bottom half?

Chest protection

Jumpers are great for upper body defense; you can get a hard padded jacket if your pocket allows you. Also, take care of weather, keep a waterproof jacket in rainy season. 

Sweatpants and sweatshirt are not that much important, if weather or your body permits wear them and count them as an extra protection precaution. After getting 2 to 3 hits, you will get whether I need more layers or not and count them as bonus defense.

Sliders Shorts: Protecting Privates 

Multiple companies have made slider shorts. It comes along with padding on both sides for your hips and there is padding at front for privates.  

Mostly players wear their football guard they are not comfortable rather I would recommend them slider shorts for better ease. 


While gloves should be chosen smartly as you need to pull trigger fast as well you need to safe your hand from a splatter. I suggest you to wear fingerless pair of gloves or hard padded loose gloves which will allow free movements to your fingers for fast pulling. 

Crawling Bruising 

Long sleeves shirts or elbow pads are recommended at outer fields. Make you protect from hard rashes or scratches but if you are frequent diver or rusher your long sleeves might get vanished as time passes. Also, constantly ruining your shirts may hurt your pocket too. Instead, why don’t we buy best elbow pads for paintballing for once? Elbow pads give robust guard to your arms and also, make your appearance look cooler. 

Long pants are also important, sprinting or sliding down to bunker that may scratch your legs, knee or elbow. If you are playing indoor on any turf you may get a turf burn while crawling or sliding so it’s better to wear knee pad 

Now, what type of pants? Cargo or jeans? well, cargo pants are best; they are light, little buggy and doesn’t hold your movement back. 

Ankle Twist 

Mostly injuries are of ankle twist; sprinting or sliding down for defense. High tops or boot that provide better ankle support, give priority to them. If possible, hiking boots are best for paintballing, enhance grip and much better in mud field. Albeit it is up to your which footwear comforts you the most. 

Cleats can also be used, facilitate better grip to the ground and make your feet’s feel tighter while sprinting. I think I have provided enough light on what to wear when paintballing.

What to wear to paintball in summer?

10 to 5 minutes of huffing puffing in heat, you will be over (stamina). Although no one wants to wear full sleeves and bulky attire in summer but for sake of protection if you are going to equipped with thick gears; keep in mind in hot weather don’t stick with attire that make you drained out quickly and dehydrate you faster.  

Now for instance, what to wear to paintball in summer? 

  • Use short sleeves with elbow pads 
  • Use cargo pants instead of jeans 
  • Wear fingerless gloves 
  • Don’t reduce layers whatever you wearing up replace those layers with thinner layers.   
  • Remove sweat pant or sweat shirts 

Some player tries to reduce protection by removing important gear, for them; a single pellet will give more suffering than thin layer protection attire in hot weather. 


Look, safety is important but don’t burden yourself with that much gears that you unable to use your full potential on field because of un-comfortability. Remember equip with loose attire so you can play freely and uncongested. Never forget to keep spare cloths for yourself, paintballs can make your cloths full of dirt. Moreover, if any emergency arises where will you find new cloths. I hope after reading my article you will get “what to wear when paintballing”. 

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