Speedball Paintball – Complete Overview 

There are games that you can play in many formats, making them diverse for different numbers of people. For instance, there are millions of fans of cricket around the globe but not everyone like the test format some like fast cricket (T20 format) and some of them love to watch ODI (50 overs match).

Similarly, Paintball has different styles or formats; Scenario, woodsball, and speedball paintball are some of the famous ones. So, what is speedball paintball? Speedball is a fast-paced paintball game played on a small field with inflatable obstacles, requiring quick reflexes, teamwork, and strategy to eliminate opponents or capture a flag within a set time limit. Now, lets dig deep into this!

What Structure is Speedball Played on?

The Speedball team involved 3,5,7, and 10 players. It is called speedball because it is played on a small area comprised of flat terrain surfaces along inflatable bunkers which demand more speedy movements and agility. Points depend on the format you are playing; Nppl or Race2 point system.

Bunkers are aligned equally and fairly in different layouts to put out the real heat of the game which requires quick movements, good communication, and ruses.

NPPL/Race2 Point Structure

NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) is a defunct paintball league that used a race-to format, with teams competing to win a predetermined number of points. The Race2 point structure is a modified version of this format, where teams compete in a series of shorter games to win a set number of points. Points are awarded based on game outcomes and accumulated over a season to determine rankings.

Speedball Paintball History:

In the 80s paintball was played completely in the woods. A company named SC village in South California introduced a field that lacked natural cover or trees and contained only plywood roofless buildings. Moreover, the field was also equipped with a large water-filled lagoon to make it attractive to spectators. Players loved the format because of the fast-paced action

During 1996 fields were adjusted concerning players liking and air-filled bunkers were inducted to fields due to their easy maintenance and transportation. Eventually, this setup become the standard field of a speedball paintball.

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Newbie’s Guide – How to play Speedball Paintball

There are six speedball paintball rules, in my opinion these following rules are necessary for all.


Reach to break area where you will find your teammates and decide your round strategy


Referee will countdown till 10 then command “Go”.
Pro tip: (Stick to the Plan)


Run to bunker, whilst don’t start shooting until you reached to your bunker.


Don’t afraid to make a move. Peek (left/right) and fire. Keep yourself to teammates cover. Don’t leave your bunker for long time


Keep sharp eyes on opposition’s movement, stay low to get better view of positions and, keep swapping your bunker.


If you got hit, raise your gun in air and shout “I have been hit”. Then referee will command you whether to resume or exit.

Speedball Paintball Positions

  • Back Center: Back center player is the anchor of the team, they are responsible for protecting the flag and preventing the opposing team from advancing. They have a clear view of the entire field and can provide cover fire for their teammates.
  • Back Left and Back Right: These players are stayed on either side of the back center player. This position provides additional support for the back center player and help to cover the flanks of the field.
  • Dorito Side: Dorito side player is located on the left side of the field and is responsible for advancing down the field and capturing the opposing team’s flag. They use the dorito bunkers as cover and can provide supporting fire for their teammates.
  • Snake Side: The snake side player is positioned on the right side of the field and is responsible for advancing down the field and capturing the opposing team’s flag, these players use the snake bunkers as cover and can provide supporting fire for their teammates.

Speedball Equipment/Precautions

You need to fully wrap yourself in all safety gear before getting to the speedball field, especially the face and the bottom of your body. Because speedball paintball game is played in a small area where close encounters occur consecutively. Splatters could hit you more severely from close face off.

I would recommend a 360 coverage mask for speedball and jumpers for the bottom of your body. Moreover, there is much confusion regarding which marker to use for speedball. A Paintball gun’s speed barely has a difference so it doesn’t matter what gun you are using.

Why I Love Speedball?

As I mentioned above that people love paintball because of its quick-paced style. Although, I love playing on an open field rather than playing on an indoor field. the only thing I hate about this format is, you are allowed to have fewer teammates and it is mostly played in buildings or indoor halls. Still, speedball paintball is love!

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