What Is In a Paintball?

We have been playing paintball since so long but have you ever though of, what are paintballs made of? Maybe while pressing a paintball, getting hit by paintball or seeing anyone sustaining splatters and thinking of how the heck they have produced it. Paintballs are one of most well-designed and well-engineered product. Also, There are two types of paints; low impact and standard paints but first let’s know what is in a paintball?

whart are paintball made of

The substances encapsulated in paintball are entirely of non-toxic, food-grade ingredients, polyethylene glycol (thicken it with canyon wax), water soluble substance, sweetener and dye. Also, its not an actual paint, not even close to paint but nearer to laxatives. 

Dye is used to give paintball different colors. This is what paintballs are made of (entirely).

Now, lets take up about what are the differences impact and standard paints? The only difference between low impact and standard paintball is Its size; .50 caliber and .60 caliber respectively.

what are paintball made of
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What are Paintballs Made of: Substance Inside a Paintball 

Encapsulation: Process to Make a Paintball 

Afore getting into paintball inner or outer substance have you ever concentrate on this fact that how paintball companies kept substance inside the paintball coating? I have your answer; process called encapsulation is used to keep substance inside paintball like any liquid which you kept inside any container. 

Outer Layer of Paintball 

To make its hollow shell; gelatin (the kind that is used to make gummy bears) and mixture of plastic. Capsulation machine is used to make sheet (that sheet is called as gel ribbon) from which paintball shells are to be made. 

After encapsulation paintball inherit shape of ovoid and become soft enough to easily loose shape. So, they go into tumble dryer to dry out and kept into baker-styled rack until they completely dried out. 

Is Playing Paintball possible in Rain: What Is In a Paintball?

Is Paintball edible? 

After reading that paintball also has sweetener in it, maybe this fact has tilted your brain to think whether is it suitable to eat?  

There is no official authority or saying that permits you to eat paintball. In spite the fact that paintball doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or substance, even polyethylene glycol is used in cough syrup. Moreover, when you get a splatter (straight on mouth, you get a chance to taste paintball through vents) you don’t suffer but yeah the taste is indeed awful!

How to Store Paintballs?

There are different paintball’s manufacturer in market. If you want maximum life of your paintballs; follow direction of respective manufacturer. But, incase if directions are not present, follow these steps:

  • Keep away paintballs from direct sunlight.
  • Put paintballs in cool and dry place.
  • Use zip lock bags to store paintballs.
  • Don’t let paintballs in same position for months. Keep flipping their position (within 2 weeks). This doesn’t let them break.

Paintballs aren’t come for free! Keep them safe instead of throwing them in trash.

How Long Paintball lasts?

At average, lifespan of paintballs are 4-6 months (if stored carefully). The best temperature to keep paintball is between 10 to 20 C.

Is Paintball Environment Friendly?

Paintballs are biodegradable (ability to decay naturally in way which isn’t harmful). Even though if you have noticed, if left on land it gets dissolve and doesn’t harm that part of land (neither left any toxic residue).

 Paintballs are meant to devise for friendly nature having no dangerous substance.


I have provided all the important information regarding, “what is in paintball” and its different characteristics. Moreover if I am missing something feel free to notify me through comments. If you are really fond of perceiving more in-depth making of paintballs you can watch this video below.

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