Speedball Paintball – Complete Overview 

Speedball Paintball

There are games that you can play in many formats, making them diverse for different numbers of people. For instance, there are millions of fans of cricket around the globe but not everyone like the test format some like fast cricket (T20 format) and some of them love to watch ODI (50 overs match). Similarly, … Read more

Paintball History – Controversies and Facts

History of Paintball

Paintball is one of the youngest sports in America. Now, we are in 2023 and the trend is at a static position, more precisely it is going down due to many reasons. Paintball was started in the 1981s by Bobs Gursey who wrote the rules and nine other players were invited to the very first … Read more

What to Wear When Paintballing? 

what to wear for paintballing

About 20 to 25 people suffers from minor injuries each year (Nolo), minor injuries include; welts and cuts. Moreover, who knows when those minor injuries become serious pain. I am not scaring you, instead emphasizing that you must be aware of what to wear for paintball? And those who are playing without any adequate safety … Read more

 Do Paintballs Stain Clothes? 

do paintball stain clothes

Paintball requires substantial focus and strategies to dominate over opponents. Mostly players who are new to game instead of focusing they are bothering their mind or worrying about their outfit. The first most clever approach is to avoid wearing your expensive fits in regular matches. It can get torn-up or suffered from expired paint which … Read more

Indoor Paintball Vs Outdoor Paintball

indoor paintball vs outdoor paintball

Indoor or outdoor paintballing? The answer varies with different people, but statically there are always higher polls for one side. For me, logically and normally outdoor fields are best or better if you want to experience aggressive paintballing. Both indoor paintball and outdoor paintball has their drawbacks and advantages. I will shed light on both … Read more

Is Paintball a Sport?

Is Paintball a Sport?

To get a comprehensive answer we need to dig out the actual meaning of sports. What is sport? Any activity that involves physical activities and skills in which a team or individual competes against other teams or individuals respectively is known as a sport. There are many accidents happened during paintball but the injuries were … Read more

Is Playing Paintball in the Rain Possible? [2023]

Can You Play Paintball in the Rain

Excited ones are always fond of doing crazy stuff. Their excitement gets twofold when the surroundings help them too. I mean rain, the rain somewhat bestows a chill moment. Don’t know about others but in my case rain enhances or creates rousing vibes. Moreover, you get wet surface which means better slides and dramatic energy. … Read more

What Is In a Paintball?

what is in a paintball

We have been playing paintball since so long but have you ever though of, what are paintballs made of? Maybe while pressing a paintball, getting hit by paintball or seeing anyone sustaining splatters and thinking of how the heck they have produced it. Paintballs are one of most well-designed and well-engineered product. Also, There are … Read more